Hustler’s Economy

I’m not a hustler. I mean more power to them when they turn a boring night at the comedy club into one worth staying up late talking about, but I’m not one. And I’ll never be one.

That’s the crux of the problem that Serwer and Zahn, presumably finance journalistic hustlers of their own stripe fail to grasp. I’m also guessing they may not quite even be thirty yet. Though there are certainly a lot of sixty and even seventy year old male hustlers around who feel quite at home with the way things are turning out in this country. I imagine it has to be somewhat like what it felt like when they were twenty-three still pumping gas at the full service getting dime tips, and picking up litter at the truckyard, still in their hometown with their sweethearts, thinking they had it made while the rest of their peers were off at college or the war.

So I’m also guessing Serwer and Zahn are too young to remember the recession that well and when all of this started, when the last hoorahs of a living wage with just a basic college degree were made.

I can’t go into it really, or I won’t. I’m also not qualified. The point is, neither are Serwer and Zahn, and they REALLY need to do their labor history homework before writing an article like this for yahoo. I mean come on, it’s not even really history; it was barely ten years ago.

And you know let’s not forget the mail room attendant of forty odd years with hands so badly damaged he could no longer feel when the cracks in the palms of his hands would start to bleed in the winter. BTW, he did not sue his former company or anyone when they let his topped off $13.75 an hour go during that same recession, and neither did the thousands and probably countless others like him.

And I really wouldn’t feel the need to be so sarcastic if things had not gotten so backwards. The good guys are now the ones suffering the shame of the hustler economy. Like the first time I found out so many conservatives were Garrison Keillor fans. I mean, of course they are. You just can’t cut through that kind of irony.


Something tells me if I ‘worked’ seventy-two hours a week as a contemplative and just did three hour youtube videos once a year, I still wouldn’t get much more than rice in my rice bowl. I only wish I was as talented as some of the more interesting creatures that come to me in my dreams and meditations.

Watch out America, Europe, Germany, Italy, Britain! Your own masters will just keep demanding more and more and more if you don’t reign them in! Just ask any truly efficient socialist, Stalin, Charles Dickens, Upton Sinclair or anyone who lived through the 1930s.