Hmmm.. So… what GS Security level will Liberty Caps require?

This is a bit concerning to me. Maybe not as bad as all of the completely buried evidence of school shooters and other spontaneously violent murderers who never so much as blinked the wrong way at their victims before widely being on prescription SSRIS and other ‘psychiatric’ drugs…. maybe.

Worries for another day

i think the potential for a global third world war or something like it, is really apocalyptic. things have changed significantly since the horrors of basic nuclear annihilation. i imagine there will not be a lot of survivor stories. the survivors would be multigenerational, having grown up if not born in advanced bunker shelters with perhaps some advanced technologies that will be ‘retired’ or treatised out of industrial existence after the war.

so in most or all cases the ‘survivors’ may not even know how their parents or grandparents ‘survived’ when everything started.

and it could be very quick after it really starts, weeks or months. not years. the oceans will be gone. the forests will be gone. the coastlines will be gone. they will all have to be recovered, if and when we can rebuild civilized societies.

and it will not be the same. you cannot restart a system you never had the power keys or permission to shut off, to begin with.

the atmosphere may be gone.

and then it would really have to be like thousands of years before we exist in individual populations the way we do now and that would be highly biologically abnormal, and there’s no telling what ‘culture’ or ‘humanity’ or ‘individuality’ would be like then.

i was going to say… we should be preventative about such a thing really. and have internationally designated ‘safe’ forest lands. but no, the oceans are much larger, and i imagine we will literally turn them red or orange, killing each other, before every last vestige of city life is gone on the coasts.

Everything about this creeps me out

This is a freaking nightmare. I think I would prefer to be a mass shooting survivor. I heard about this, but for some reason thought it was in WV, another… female trouble state. I want to know who else was involved in this, because hysteria like this doesn’t just happen between two people. And it’s really an abuse and misuse of mental health care. I mean how complicit was the ‘victim’, with this nonsense? Who else at the time was like, yeah it’s ok for twelve year olds to be taking ghost stories this seriously and this violently? Where were any sane, rational adults in this picture? And yet, the other one is released in the care of her father, as an adult now? This is not a Harry Potter book release party, folks!