The tact being taken with Cuomo is wrong and unfortunate.

He needs to be celebrated really for his initial response to the pandemic almost a year ago now that was just fantastic in comparison to anything else we had going at the time.

Why doesn’t the left get that?

The time will come to hold him accountable for other crimes during his tenure. That time is not now or any time real soon, if he is not an immediate threat or danger to those around him.

I understand that Trump belongs in prison or six feet underground. And NEEDS to be there, like yesterday. But our failure collectively to make that happen as a nation cannot cloud every other single leadership issue we have in the meantime.

culture confusion

Foremost, congratulations to Mr. Williams.

That said, I’m still confused about Lovecraft Country.

I have not watched a complete episode. It’s not Lovecraftian, strictly speaking, nor is it a parody of Lovecraft. It seems to occupy some in between space that wishes to speak solely through a 2020 lens of American racial progress, setbacks and relations.

Like a lot of those on the left I’m not exactly sure where I should stand when it comes to race, other than prepared to be vocally supportive of brothers and sisters facing tough circumstances, disparity and more unfairness and injustice that any should have to deal with in a single lifetime.

That also said, I have written Gullah and Geechee, barrier islands diaspora fiction, and do not really feel comfortable publishing or sharing it for the same mixed and confused reasons I hesitate to talk about race in general. I feel like I’m bound to be misunderstood, or worse, offend the people I really care about.

Disagreeing with them would be bad enough it seems as long as I don’t have to feel the shame of offending or somehow abandoning them culturally. But when things get tough and real, sometimes some real things need to be said.

I do feel like somehow there is a correct way of doing things, that doesn’t alienate an author’s style or offend nominal sensibilities, no pun intended, ha ha. You have to choose to do things that way though and it certainly doesn’t seem like the easier way, until you get into the consequences of what it really means to silence, disenfranchise or cancel someone out. And there ARE consequences. And there will BE consequences. I don’t have to say that. No one has to say that. That’s just how that works.

dangerous madlibs

I don’t always know how to respond to a lot of the sexist, racist and other nonsense going on around me. I’ve decided to reject what’s going on with cancel culture though, on the principle that you don’t demoralize what and who you don’t have to, during a time of rampant and chaotic demoralization.

At the end of the day, you HAVE to be able to take a joke, especially if you are the joke. ESPECIALLY, if you are the joke.

The nastier the joke, then ultimately the bigger and greater your come back gets to be.

We all need that kind of ‘break’. We all need that kind of latitude during the hardest, of hard times.

That kind of derision isn’t dangerous. And occasionally when it does hurt real people in real time, we should apologize for it and take a moment to look around and consider any necessary damage control. Because sometimes, timing can be very off, and much healing can be needed as well.